India Tour

Certified Tour Operator

Recognitions from IATA, PATA, IATO, ITTA, TAFI, TAAI....

Australia Tour

Certified Tour Operator

Carefully designed itineraries for family tour, honeymoon tour and senior-citizen holiday.

New Zealand Tour

Certified Tour Operator

Carefully designed itineraries for family tour, honeymoon tour and senior-citizen holiday.


Visa Processing - Mock Interviews

You will be informed about the visa formalities well in advance. This gives you enough time to get your documents prepared as per the applicable immigration regulations.

Embassies call all of you for a personal interview before a visa is issued. Our team trains you to face the visa officer’s question by conducting mock interviews with them. The team decides on the number of mock sessions you need to so that he/she can face the visa officer. We feel proud to say that we have almost 99.9% visa success rates for almost all the countries we represent!!

Our Services

Flight Booking

Our in house travel division helps you to choose the right flight options.

Hotel Booking

Our in house travel division helps you to choose the right hotel options.

Fleet Management

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Europe Tour

Switzerland, Italy, France, Spain, England


Our team help the airline traveler make informed booking decisions. In addition to providing a list of flight options, most booking guides also provide the aircraft each airline will be flying and what seats are still available for each flight. Taking a few extra minutes to examine all this information can have a significant impact on your travel.

  • Look beyond price.

  • Compare the G-Factor for each available flight.

  • Compare seat pitch and width dimensions.

  • Compare in-flight amenities.

  • Compare seat availability.
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Best Cities

Narula Travels's experts have trekked the globe to select the best cities, regions and countries to visit in 2015. Explore them now and plan your next adventure.

Bang for your buck and pizzazz for your pound; here's where to stretch this year's travel budget until it oozes contentment.
Inspire a sense of wonderment in the next generation with your best family travel activities.

Travel doesn't have to break the bank; here's our guide to the best travel experiences that - like love - don't cost a thing. Exerice on holiday needs neither to be boring, nor a waste of valuable travel time. Hit the locations hard and you'll experience a wonderful holiday.

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Travel Guides

Narula Travels's experts guide you to choose best worlds top destinations whether you are planning for family holiday, honeymoon trip, senior citizen tour or adventure holiday. We cover almost all top destinations like Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Switzerland, Asia, Middle East, North America, Africa and South America. While travelling, you require city guides, hotel information, travel help, sports guide, beach guides, ski guides, cruise guides, airport guides, passport and visa help, public holiday information, world clock information etc. to make your holiday luxurious, comfortable as well as affordable. You can arrange all tour needs at your finger tips with the help of our experts. Our travel experts help you to provide best travel deals along with travel insurance to choose best trip planner for you.

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Currency Help

The Currency Converter converts multiple amounts from one specific currency to another specific currency. For example, it can convert from 1, 5, and 10 US dollars to INR or INR to US dollars or to Euros. Our experts help you to get live currenct rates and help you to get converted currency at your visited country or region.

Aussie dollars, Brazilian reals or Indonesian rupiahs? Whatever your foreign exchange needs, we can help you work out exchange rates and money conversions. International currency exchange rates are determined based on market values on the day of the transaction. If you have any questions about transaction or currency exchange fees that may be applied by your bank, please contact them directly.

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