Our Company

Our Company

Success Means Happiness

Narula Travels is a reputed organisation with manifold business interests in the aviation, travel, tourism and leisure industries. Employing more than 50 people. Narula Travels is a leading service provider in the areas of Travel Solutions, Fleet Management, Hotels, Flights, and Forex Arrangements. Additionally, Narula International is providing these services successfully since 1996 and have a vast unit of happy customers.

To maintain consistent quality and customer satisfaction across the globe, we have regional partners across the globe. Our industry professionals, award winning processes and globally unified systems ensure that we always live up to our promise, "You'd be surprised how far we'll go for you."

Our Team

our team

A Team of Certified Professionals

Narula Travel hasa team of individuals with varied skills and experience of over 10 years in fields of travel, hotels, flights, and foreign exchange. The team is an eclectic mix of self-made entrepreneurs and industry professionals with a wide array of functional expertise and domain exposures.

Our dedicated team works across all over the globe to support our work like travel guide, hotel booking, flight booking, forex arrangements etc. Our entire global community — including our staff, board, advisors, and partners — are integral to the success of our team.